What are Automated Passenger Counters?

Automated passenger counters (APC) have become revolutionary for the transportation industry. As the demand for transportation grows, it is important to ensure that your service is operating efficiently. This is where APCs come into play. Passenger tracking is now made easier with this counting system.

So, how does it work? Passenger sensors are attached above each door in order to accurately count and log the number of people getting on and off at each bus, train, or pit stop. Unlike traditional manual counting methods that tend to do estimation or averaging to count the passengers, APCs offer reliable and accurate passenger data. Furthermore, this data is instantly transferred to a cloud platform that enables companies to have real-time access.

What are the benefits of installing automated passenger counters?

Transit Fare APC Systems

There are many benefits to installing automatic passenger counters

  1. Real-time Data of Passenger OccupancyAs mentioned earlier, one of the great things about installing passenger counters is that it offers the real-time collection and processing of passenger data. This enables transport providers to optimize vehicle deployment based on live occupancy information. This will lead to improved planning, optimization, and evaluation of traffic networks. By having access to accurate and up-to-date information, transport companies can make informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and deliver better services to passengers.
  2. Flexible Adjustment of Vehicle CapacityAs you gather long-term historical passenger counting data, this will give you the opportunity to optimally adjust your vehicle capacities according to the transport volume. For example, if one bus route only has 2-3 passengers each time, you will be able to determine that you may cut off this route as a service. On the other hand, if the bus is always full, this shows that you may consider expanding your bus line for this route. Thus, you can determine the number of bus units to be deployed and on which lines. By understanding passenger volume and vehicle capacities, you can optimize the useful life of your vehicles and make informed decisions regarding fleet management.
  3. Vehicle Equipment in Line with Passenger RequirementsAutomated passenger counters can do more than just count passengers. They utilize sophisticated technology to differentiate between passengers, baggage and objects like wheelchairs, bicycles, or strollers. This enables transport companies to accurately determine the space required in the vehicle and implement necessary accommodations. For example, if most passengers have many luggage, you may consider choosing transportation units that can accommodate this need.
  4. Efficient Optimization of RoutesOccupancy reports generated by automated passenger counters provide valuable insights for efficient route optimization. As you analyze transportation patterns through the historical data, you can make adjustments on a network level. For example, if people are not getting on or off in one particular bus stop, then this shows that you should get rid of that specific route or stop altogether. This is how the passenger data can help you optimize routes to better serve your customers and improve operational efficiency.
  5. Increased Customer SatisfactionBy sharing real-time occupancy data with passengers, transport companies can guide them to available seats while they wait on the platform. This helps passengers spread out among the vehicles, ensuring optimum traveling comfort. Improved customer satisfaction leads to increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth, benefiting both the transport provider and the passengers.
  6. Reduced CostsAutomated Passenger Counting Systems are cost-efficient and highly accurate. They provide differentiated data on transport performance, serving as a basis for precise cost reduction strategies. By analyzing passenger counting data and optimizing resources, transport providers can now identify areas where costs can be reduced without compromising service quality.
  7. Increased Profits from Transport AdvertisingThere is another revenue opportunity when it comes to transport services and that is the use of advertisers. By sharing people counting data with ad agencies, you can attract more advertisers and select specific routes and vehicles with higher occupancy rates. Public transport advertising is highly effective due to its repetition and high frequency of advertising views.
  8. Controlled Payment Systems and TicketingLastly, APCs enable transport providers to cross-check the number of sold tickets with the number of passengers counted. This ensures transparency and helps avoid any discrepancies in payment systems and ticketing. By having more control over ticketing systems, transport providers can enhance revenue management and streamline their operations.

Installation of Automated Passenger Counters

The installation of APCs is a meticulous process that requires expertise and precision. Since sensors are involved, you need to make sure that they are properly placed to accurately track the passengers going in and out of the vehicle. Orbital Installation Technologies, with their years of experience in the field, ensures a seamless and efficient installation of the automated passenger counters. From initial planning and design to the final implementation and maintenance, Orbital Installation Technologies takes care of every aspect.

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