Lane Departure Systems

Mitigating vehicle and driver risk is undoubtedly one of the top concerns for fleet operators. As a result, advanced safety technologies in OEM and aftermarket versions are becoming more prevalent and growing in adoption with all fleets. Lane departure systems and collision avoidance systems are some of these advanced technologies growing in popularity with fleet operators as a further measure to minimize accidents and overall fleet risk. Some common causes of accidents and collisions for fleet drivers include distractions inside a vehicle such as texting, looking at computer screens, changing the radio, and eating while driving. Some distractions outside the vehicle can include looking at billboards, highway signs, traffic, and highway incidents. Driver drowsiness and driver error are other major causes of collisions and accidents.

Lane departure systems are designed to help drivers avoid crashes caused by drifting or departing from their given lanes. Typically, the intelligent system uses cameras and various sensors to detect lane markers and then sound alerts when a driver drifts or leaves assigned lanes on highways or arterial roads.  The lane departure system provides warnings, depending on the system, that can include audible alerts, visual alerts, and vibration warnings- or a combination thereof- when it detects that a vehicle begins to move out of its lane without any indication, such as deploying a turn signal. A lane departure warning feature can be part of a more comprehensive collision avoidance system, that also provides alerts for speed limit warnings, forward collisions, the potential for pedestrian and cyclist collisions, and other potential impediments to safe and accurate driving. One thing is for sure, given the current emphasis on fleet safety, the reality of increased, if often unreasonable litigation towards the trucking market, and accompanying soaring insurance rates, lane departure warning and collision avoidance system adoption shows no signs of slowing down. 

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Lane Departure Systems Hit the Aftermarket

Today these safety-promoting fleet technology systems are available in the aftermarket.  The importance is that fleets can deploy these cutting-edge fleet technologies on existing vehicles without the prohibitive expense of procuring new fleet vehicles that are factory equipped with advanced technologies.  In short, fleet operators of all sizes can reap the safety benefits of lane departure systems allowing them to be competitive while managing fleet safety risk. An added perk is that older fleet vehicles can get a new lease on life, and fleets are able to hold onto their expensive assets longer. When fleet operators are considering which lane departure system to buy, go with an established systems supplier that stands behind its product, offers training and strong customer support. And while choosing the right system is key, a quality lane departure system installation is just as important. For over 15 years, leading fleet technology suppliers and fleets operators have entrusted their systems and fleets, respectively, to Orbital Installation Technologies. Deploying sophisticated technology requires an experienced and trusted installation partner. Orbital brings skill and precision to complex lane departure and collision avoidance systems aftermarket installations to fleets of all sizes and requirements.

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