You know how important it is for a fleet manager to keep track of his fleet day in and day out. Knowing the location of company trucks and where they are headed is usually the managers number one priority. If you manage a rather large fleet, it is nearly impossible to accomplish this feat without some sort of system to keep everything organized. Orbital Installs offers AVL tracking system installation for companies throughout the U.S. AVL tracking, AKA (automatic vehicle location) tracking, is a GPS vehicle locator that helps fleet managers keep track of vehicles in their fleets.

When utilizing these vehicle locator services properly, fleet managers are able to reduce fuel costs significantly, fit more stops in to make their routes more efficient, and improve overall satisfaction by drivers and customers. The AVL systems allow companies to operate more smoothly, with greater efficiency and a much greater level of productivity. Businesses are able to get more done in less time, and in a more organized fashion. This is the perfect combination of benefits to AVL systems, as a business with an AVL system installed will ultimately make more money through the increased efficiency and productivity. Organization is a key to success in the transportation industry, and our AVL tracking system installation will act as a gateway to organized productivity for you and your business.

GPS Tracking System Installation

Why Is AVL and GPS Tracking System Installation Important?

Fleets without AVL tracking system installation waste precious hours on calls between fleet manager and drivers, constantly requesting updates. With real time updates online, questions from customers asking about the truck’s whereabouts can be answered quickly without calling the driver first. As after an AVL tracking system installation, you’ll have the power of a GPS vehicle locator, you can see when your drivers are speeding and idling, reduce the time spent speeding and idling, and therefore save your company money on fuel. The AVL systems also helps to locate stolen vehicles and put a stop to unauthorized vehicle use. Perhaps the most unique trait AVL tracking system installation brings to your business is its ability to record proof of arrival and departure times.

Depending on the type of AVL system you have us install, you will be able to access data through an app on your phone. This makes for ease of mobile access, which increases productivity even further.

Here at Orbital Installation Technologies, we strive to keep our customers up to date on the latest advancements, so that you never miss a beat. If you are in the market for AVL tracking system installation, or even if you are simply looking to upgrade your current system, you have come to the right place. AVL tracking system installation will take your fleet to the next level. Give us a call today for more information.

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