Implementing transit fare and APC system installation for your fleet of passenger vehicles. If your company operates passenger vehicles, it is important to have data on how many people are entering and exiting your vehicle and in some cases, who those people are. Orbital provides transit fare and automatic passenger counting system installation as one of our many installation services.

Transit fare and APC systems work through sensors placed at the door of the vehicle. When a person enters the vehicle, they are automatically accounted for—hence the name automatic passenger counting. Data is collected individually on each vehicle then it is transferred to a master database where it is used to make a variety of predictions that improve business. For example, routes can be reassigned so that more passengers board, which means more tickets are purchased. Stops can be added to routes, times can be tailored to the people on said route, and etc. This valuable information can make or break a bus business, as timing is everything when it comes to a business like this.

Transit Fare APC Systems

How Automated Passenger Counting (APC) Systems Work?

The technology used for transit fare and APC system installation includes many unique key features that separate it from the average APC system installation. First of all, infrared technology is installed and used to count bus passengers. Filters are used so that these infrared sensors do not calculate false readings into the total for the day. The systems include sophisticated analytical software and reporting tools. Integrated APC and national transportation database reporting is also included, along with fixed route bus running and schedule adherence data. The software we install maintains the highest accuracy of data. This high quality software paired with our professional transit fare and APC system installation will get your business to the next level helping become more competitive with other passenger carriers in your area.

Designating routes specific to the people in your area and their habits will ensure that you do not waste time and precious gas money driving routes that lack a sufficient amount of people. The money you gain from the extra service will more than cover the cost of transit fare and APC system installation.

With locations all over the country, you can count on Orbital to offer professional transit fare and APC system installation. It is our goal to make your business as lucrative, productive, and efficient as possible. Give us a call today for more information about transit fare and APC system installation.

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