Offering professional mobile DVR for vehicles installation. Nothing is more important for fleets than safety. Drivers should be able to trust that while they are getting the job done, they will be protected. They should be able to drive confidently, knowing that if they happen to have an accident everything will be documented so that the blame will be fairly placed. At Orbital, we know safety, this is why we offer mobile DVR for vehicles installation.

There are many benefits to these vehicle security cameras, the most important being the safety they offer drivers and the security they offer their fleet managers. Recent advancements in technology have made mobile DVR more accessible for vehicles. Although previous versions were dash cams, allowing only one or two cameras, the newest models allow up to 16 cameras and have other customizable features like storage and varied displays. Mobile DVR for vehicles installation will include high resolution, low lux imaging. The high quality picture takes mobile DVR installation to the next level, keeping your assets more safe than ever.

Camera DVR system

How Does Mobile DVR Installation Help Driver Performance?

Mobile DVR does this in many ways. For example, surveillance cameras keep tabs on behaviors that could be risky. Based on the findings of the mobile DVR, fleet managers can provide classes or instructions that can make drivers aware of their risky behaviors. After this instruction, drivers are given the chance to change their behavior in order to better their driving skills and avoid accidents in the future. As cameras can be installed both inside and outside the trucks, a camera can be placed in the blind spots. This way, the driver can avoid blind spot accidents. The risk of collision is therefore significantly reduced, which helps fleet managers sleep at night with peace of mind. Some mobile DVRs even have a motion detecting feature that can alert you of intruders wherever your truck is parked, which helps in crime prevention.

After receiving mobile DVR for vehicles installation, many things about your fleet will be different. First of all, your costs will most likely decrease. This is due to the lower amount of collisions. Less collisions means fewer repairs, which tend to be extremely expensive. Collisions make insurance expensive as well, while fewer collisions lower the cost of insurance. Camera inspections can also make drivers aware of ways they are wasting fuel, so when they change their habits after being made aware of this fact, they are able to conserve fuel. Driving habits overall can be improved, which enhances both productivity and efficiency. Contact us today for more information on your mobile DVR for vehicles installation.

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