Expert Nationwide Mobile Fleet Installation Services

Welcome to Orbital Installation Technologies, a nationwide, trusted provider of mobile installation services.  We are proud to be the go-to installation service provider to many of the leading fleet technology suppliers and fleet operators. Established in 2006 and focused on fleet technology installations for the past 15 years, Orbital Installation Technologies has serviced over one million fleet vehicles and assets to date. With Coast-to-Coast coverage, we provide installation and maintenance service for local fleets to enterprise fleets across the United States. Look to Orbital Installation Technologies as an installation support partner for GPS and Fleet Tracking Systems, In-Vehicle Camera and Video Telematics Systems, Driver Behavior Monitoring Solutions, ELD and Compliance Solutions, Trailer and Container Tracking Systems, Lane Departure Systems, In-Vehicle Mounts, Two- Way Radios, Transit Fare and APC Systems, In-Vehicle Networks, Mobile Routers and On-Board Wi-Fi,  Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, and many other current and emerging fleet and asset management solutions.

GPS Fleet Tracking System Implementation and Installation

Knowing the location and status of your company vehicles is critical to the bottom line. GPS fleet tracking is often the first step for fleets to take control of their business. Estimating arrival time and improving customer service, instantly locating drivers and vehicles and, monitoring unauthorized vehicle usage and detecting out-of-route vehicles with geofencing, and minimizing idle time, can help maximize fleet efficiency and drive profits. Professional installation of GPS fleet tracking systems will increase fleet performance and get vehicles back on the road and back in business. From local businesses to nationwide enterprise fleets, Orbital is the leader in GPS fleet tracking systems installation across the United States.

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Electronic Logging Devices

Orbital has installed tens of thousands of electronic logging devices (ELD) in vehicles around the U.S. to help fleets of all sizes be compliant with federal hours of service (HOS)/ELD mandates and other regulations. Some ELD systems offer HOS calculations and driver alerts for low remaining hours, and guidance on how to maximize hours. Many ELD solutions feature driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) capabilities, including pre- and post-trip inspections, inspection checklists, and other helpful tools. International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is another key feature in ELD systems. IFTA provides an automated and streamlined way for fleet operators to collect information about cross-state and cross-border (Canada) travel and fuel consumption of their fleet vehicles using a single tax license. Trust Orbital’s professional installation services to keep your fleet compliant with all current and future regulations.

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Dash Cam Installation

Managing driver and vehicle safety is a concern top of fleet operators as evidenced by the explosion in the adoption of driver and road-facing camera systems over the past couple of years. Cloud-connected dashcam and in-vehicle camera systems help companies manage fleet safety risk by improving driver performance, ensuring compliance, accurately recording collision data, and reducing fraudulent insurance claims. On-demand video playback is available in minutes, so fleet managers can identify and correct driver performance before an accident occurs, provide real-time coaching, reward good driving performance, exonerate drivers in case of accident or incident, and have video evidence for any potential litigation. Orbital is trained and skilled in the optimal installation and configuration of single unit to multi-camera systems across all vehicle types and vertical markets.

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GPS Installation

Installation of trailer and asset tracking systems for trailer and shipping containers provides real-time visibility into the location and status of mobile assets and cargo. Trailer and asset tracking systems use either satellite and cellular technology, as well as on-board sensors to transmit position, to determine if the trailer door is open or closed, gauge trailer capacity, and to monitor temperature, report exceptions, and communicate the overall health of the asset. Asset trackers are battery-powered, solar-powered, or connected to a power source, and are often built to withstand extreme weather and operating conditions. The adoption of smart trailer systems is growing- trailers can now communicate with tractor drivers, back-office systems, repair and maintenance, and other stakeholders. Data analytics provide important insights to help fleets better monitor and control mobile and remote assets. Orbital is very experienced in the pinpoint placement and configuration of a wide range of asset tracking hardware and sensors to ensure that systems are operating at maximum accuracy and efficiency.

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In-Vehicle Networks

In-vehicle networks provide vital connectivity for fleets of all kinds including trucking, delivery, transit, and public safety. In-vehicle networks enable communication between onboard telematics, monitoring, and GPS systems, enable mobile Wi-Fi on school buses, and connect automatic passenger counting (APC) systems on public transit vehicles. Mobile workers, truck drivers, bus drivers, and field service technicians benefit from staying connected, and the ability to keep critical in-vehicle applications running in the event of any system failures. Orbital’s expertise in-vehicle networks, mobile Wi-Fi, and router installations help fleets ensure a consistent and reliable mobile broadband

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Lane departure and collision avoidance system installation
Lane departure warning systems and collision avoidance systems are technologies growing in popularity with fleet operators as a further measure to minimize accidents and overall fleet risk. Common causes of accidents and collisions for fleet drivers include distractions inside a vehicle such as texting, looking at computer screens, changing the radio, and eating. Distractions outside the vehicle include looking at billboards and highway signs. Driver drowsiness and driver error are other major causes of collisions and accidents. Lane departure systems can provide an audio or visual alert when a vehicle begins to move out of its lane without any indications, such as a turn signal. A lane departure warning feature can be part of a comprehensive collision avoidance system that also provides alerts for forward collisions, the potential for pedestrian and cyclist collisions, speed limit warnings, and other potential impediments to safe driving. Today these systems are available in the aftermarket, allowing fleet operators of all sizes to implement cutting edge vehicle and driver safety technology. Orbital brings skill and precision to complex lane departure and collision avoidance systems installations.

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Mobile Installation Fleet Tracking

Your IoT Installation Services Partner

Enterprises rely on connectivity and data to gain visibility into the current state of the mobile and fixed assets across their business operations. There are dozens and dozens of products under the Internet of Things (IoT) umbrella; all with varying ability to monitor, report, and transfer data between devices, systems, and networks. Orbital Installation Technologies has proven expertise in providing IoT installation services to businesses of all sizes, enabling connectivity across a wide range of devices, sensors, machines, systems, and networks.

Having an experienced technology installation partner, one with the capacity to address the varying levels of complexity of an IoT deployment strategy, is critical for success. Orbital Installs offers a comprehensive support infrastructure to including industry-best installation technicians and field supervisors, planning services, a dedicated project management team, customized project data analytics and reporting, site management and quality control, logistics services, and unparalleled nationwide coverage.

Orbital supports local, regional, and enterprise wide IoT installation services across the U.S. from standard to complex GPS installations, to mobile video installations, to a full complement of RFID installation services, to many other devices and systems.

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