Mobile Installation Services from Coast to Coast – Superior coverage

Orbital Installation Technologies has superior coverage and service availability across the continental United States and Hawaii. In addition to a national deployment team based at our Indianapolis-area headquarters, we have 60+ regional dispatch locations from coast-to-coast. Fleet technology providers and fleet operators alike appreciate Orbital’s nationwide presence with a local focus. Over the years we have learned the importance of a local presence when it comes to effectively serving both national companies operating large fleets of vehicles across the country and local fleet operators. One of Orbital’s advantages is our ability to quickly dispatch nearby skilled field installation technicians and field supervisors to deployment sites around the U.S.

Orbital’s field installation technicians and field supervisors are company employees and report into our corporate headquarters.  Orbital installation technicians are not restricted to standard business hours. The Orbital project management team works closely with our deployment customers to schedule projects and dispatch resources at times that maximize fleet up-time and minimize disruptions to daily fleet operations. Whether it’s a fleet tracking system installation, dashcam installation, an ELD compliance solution installation, or a complex multi-component systems installation, Orbital technicians bring the same level of precision and commitment to each project to ensure that systems are functioning and reporting properly. Orbital’s installation technicians and field supervisors capture in-field job status, images, and other pertinent project information, making updates readily available to all deployment stakeholders.

Orbital’s local installation technicians and field supervisors arrive at job sites fully equipped with the required tools and the appropriate level of knowledge, training, and experience with the hardware and systems being installed. The Orbital installation team can troubleshoot in the field because they have a solid understanding of not only the systems being installed, but the configurations of many vehicle and asset types such as heavy-duty trucks, field service vehicles and delivery vans, transit vehicles, commercial and school buses, heavy equipment, trailers, and other assets.  Please refer to the map and the listing of our local metro area dispatch locations. If you would like more detailed information about our coverage locations, or don’t see your preferred location listed, please contact us