Fleets of all sizes have common business needs; to increase operational productivity, reduce expenses, ensure vehicle and driver safety, and improve customer service. Today’s fleet tracking systems deliver these benefits and more. Orbital is an experienced and trusted installation services partner for deploying fleet technology systems.

There are so many proven benefits to deploying fleet tracking systems. Routing, an important feature of many systems, integrates detailed maps and GPS to allow fleet managers to pick the most efficient routes, dispatch the closest resources based on location and reduce both fuel consumption and overtime costs. Additionally, fleet managers can compare and analyze current driver routes to past routes to determine the most efficient, cost-effective way to go from destination to destination. Managers can also have visibility into whether drivers are wasting fuel by taking inefficient routes or being alerted to off-route miles. Fleet tracking systems can also monitor traffic; a fleet vehicle headed toward a fuel- and time-wasting traffic jam, can be easily re-routed and alerted through the onboard system. Additionally, automated and accurate ETAs enabled by fleet tracking systems enhance the customer experience.

Many drivers take company service vehicles home with them overnight or on the weekends. Fleet tracking systems allow fleet managers to monitor vehicle usage for off-hours usage and non-company related activities. Unauthorized mileage is reduced adding up to significant fuel cost savings.

GPS Tracking System Installation

Choosing a GPS Fleet Tracking System

Driver behavior management is an important feature of many fleet tracking systems currently on the market. Today’s systems can provide detailed information on driver behavior in real-time and generate comprehensive reports that companies can use to help better manage and control risky activities on the road. Fleet tracking systems using GPS can help fleet managers determine where and when drivers are speeding, hard braking, improperly accelerating, idling, and more. Depending on the system, fleet managers can instantly send alerts to drivers to correct these practices, provide in-cab coaching, and use reports to review driver performance and set goals for safer driving practices. Some systems integrate a gamification and rewards approach to driver behavior management.

Installing fleet tracking systems has another benefit – a reduction in insurance premiums. By leveraging the data that comes from the on-board telematics units, insurance premiums for commercial vehicles can be reduced by up to 40% – another incentive to adopt these technologies.

Fleet tracking systems automate data collection and paperwork in the field and on the road – saving drivers time and minimizing errors. Almost all systems have a mobile component -using smart phones, tablets, or laptops. Fleet managers and other authorized personnel can access real-time fleet performance data on the fly and make decisions wherever they are by using the mobile features of these systems as well.

Fleet tracking systems help maintain fleet safety and integrity by allowing businesses to always know the location and status of vehicles and mobile workers. Increased visibility in turn leads to productivity gains, cost savings, and improved customer service. Orbital Installation Technologies’ expert mobile installation and maintenance services can help fleets run at maximum efficiency.

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