Load monitoring systems are vital to a productive and proactive fleet. This is why Orbital offers load monitoring system installation. Making sure your load is at the right weight is vital to performing operations correctly so that you can fulfill the customer’s requests without breaking any laws. If your fleet trucks are not verifying that their load is at the proper weight, you can be faced with fines and subsequent customer dissatisfaction. Let our load monitoring system installation take the guesswork out of your loads. After our load monitoring system installation services, your drivers will never again approach a weigh station with uncertainty. Your customers will never again be disappointed because your load was late due to a weight issue.

Whatever the vehicle, we can perform the installation. Whether you’re driving a work truck, a straight truck, or a tractor and trailer truck, we can perform load monitoring system installation on whatever vehicle you present us with. With the scales we install, you will be able to load the largest possible amount of weight, still knowing that you are under the requirement. This maximizes profit while minimizing risk, which is great for your business as it saves money by reducing fines. Our load monitoring system installation services will eliminate the need to go miles off of the prescribed route in order to find a weigh station. This electrical load monitoring also gets rid of the need for costly weigh checks and unnecessary repairs. It can even save the time that used spent finding a weigh station, getting weighed, and reworking loads so that your weight is acceptable for the requirements.

Load Monitoring Systems

Reducing Maintenance Costs with Automated Truck Load Monitoring System

This installation basically pays for itself, as all of the money saved through lack of overweight fees now stays with your business. With all of these benefits stemming straight from load monitoring system installation, there is no reason to delay installation any longer.

Here at Orbital Installation Technologies, we value our customer’s businesses. Our goal in installing load monitors on your trucks is to save you valuable time and money. We live in a technology driven age, we pride ourselves on installing the most up to date technology possible for your trucks or fleet so that you stay competitive in an every changing world.

If you are in the market for load monitoring system installation, look no further. Give us a call today for more information.

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