Mobile computing devices installation for your fleet of vehicles are offered by Orbital Installation Technologies. Technology has always been a part of business advancements, but this is the case, now more than ever. A fleet vehicle without a mobile computing device will never be able to compete with fleets who have had these devices installed. Orbital can make it easy upgrade your fleet so that you’ll be able to measure up to the competition.

Mobile computing devices installation has many benefits and will carry your fleet far. The mobile computing systems we install can withstand almost anything, including drops, spills, dirt, and dust. A mobile computer is durable enough for the harshest of environments. Screens of mobile computers are easily read in outdoor and indoor environments, which adds versatility to the products installed. Mobile computing devices make communication and data transfer a breeze.

These mobile computing devices are like computers on the go, but better. They exceed the simple description of computers on the go because they are tailored to your business. If you need salt fog protection, we will perform mobile computing devices installation that tailors to that specific need. We will also tailor to other needs, such as businesses that need tablets or computers with thermal heat protection and exceptional heat dissipation characteristics.

Mobile Data terminal - Mobile computing devices installation

What are the Benefits of Installing a Mobile Computing Device to Your Vehicle?

Mobile computing devices are designed to be rugged. They can withstand just about anything. They are made to withstand whatever trials you put them through, within reason. Our mobile computing devices installation will ensure that these qualities remain as useful as they are advertised.

Mobile Computing devices actually help fleets carry out many of the services that help improve your business. For example, fleet tracking software can be installed on these devices. GPS technology and fuel management software can also be utilized through apps. Driver management apps can be used to track driver behavior, which makes your fleet safer. Overall, mobile computing device installation can only benefit your company. They can cut down costs by saving money on fuel. Mobile computing devices also widen the doors of communication between drivers and fleet managers. Drivers can now be monitored more than ever before.

If you look at the technology around you and feel left behind, or even if you just feel like your mobile computing device technology could use an upgrade, don’t hesitate to give us a call. At Orbital, we value our clients. Our mobile computing devices installation will leave your fleets running efficiently, effectively, and with a lot more productivity.

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