Deploying trailer tracking systems and asset tracking systems for shipping containers provides real-time visibility into the location and status of mobile assets and cargo. These systems enable companies to remotely track, monitor, and control remote assets in real-time, and are essential for maintaining the security and integrity of assets and cargo. Orbital is an expert in the installation and maintenance of trailer tracking systems, and will ensure that systems are properly deployed and reporting correctly.

Trailer tracking systems use either satellite or cellular technology to transmit location. Many tracking systems go beyond straight tracking and asset identification to incorporate special sensors to determine various trailer events such as door open/closed, if the trailer is loaded or empty, cargo sensors to indicate if the trailer is full or half-full or to monitor temperature. Some systems interface with automatic braking systems (ABS), tire inflation systems, and trailer tails. Trailer tracking devices are typically battery powered, and recently many suppliers are incorporating solar power so that that the device lifetime is like that of the asset – e.g. trailer, shipping containers, or other remote asset.

Many fleet technology providers offer data analytics modules to assist companies in managing and disseminating the large volumes of data generated by trailer tracking systems and the onboard sensors. These analytics packages provide important insights to help fleets better monitor and control remote assets such as trailers, flatbeds, and shipping containers.

Trailer Tracking System - GPS

Container Tracking with GPS Tracking Devices

Companies with a few assets operating regionally, to companies crossing the US, Canadian and Mexican borders, to large multinational companies with assets such as trailers and shipping containers dispersed across the globe, can benefit from trailer tracking systems. The ROI from being able to instantly locate, and allocate remote assets is instantaneous. The benefits of trailer tracking include; providing customers with real-time shipment tracking, counteracting cargo theft, optimizing resources, and preserving cargo integrity. When special sensors are installed, the benefits can multiply.

When installing trailer tracking systems, it is important to consider how long assets will be out of service as they are being equipped with these new devices and sensors. Orbital Installation Technologies prides itself in the competency, efficiency, and commitment of our mobile field service technicians and field supervisors; and we apply those same principals when engaging with our customers. Orbital works with all deployment stakeholders to develop a coordinated deployment plan that will expedite the process while minimizing asset downtime. And, with Orbital’s nationwide coverage footprint, multiple sites can be serviced simultaneously.

Call Orbital Installation Technologies today for professional trailer tracking systems installation. We understand the proper placement of tracking devices and sensors on assets including trailers and shipping containers, so that they are tamperproof and accurately reporting asset and cargo location and status. Whether upgrading or servicing a current system, or installing a system for the first time, Orbital provides expert, mobile installation and maintenance services from coast-to-coast.

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