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Orbital Installs is here to offer you two-way radio installation for your fleet of vehicles. No matter what type of business you own or run, communication is the foundation for business running smoothly. Vehicles must have the ability to quickly communicate with each other and with their manager on a regular basis, but this need becomes even more necessary when and if something goes wrong.

In this day and age, it is easy to assume that cell phones can replace two way radios. In fact, 2 way radios have become almost obsolete to the general public. Years ago, they were utilized in almost every business. Now, however, cell phones have taken their place. Why bother to carry another piece of equipment when you already have a phone that does basically the same thing? Well, to answer this question and combat the death of the two way walkie talkie, we at Orbital Installs would like to make you aware of the benefits our two way radio installation has to offer your company.

First of all, walkie talkies are faster than cell phones. When you go to make a call on a cell phone or even just a text, you have to first open up the phone, then you have to dial the number or type out the message. If it was a call, you have to wait on it to ring and then eventually be picked up or ignored. Two way radios are different, however. You press a button and speak, which takes seconds. Whoever is on the other end will hear your message immediately. There is no waiting, no typing, no dialing, and no ringing—all of which slows down business for busy companies. Wasting time is wasting money, and all of the little moments spent dialing a number add up when you have an entire fleet of vehicles running non-stop.

Fleet Radio System

Cell phones are also ridiculously overpriced these days, which pushes them out of financial reach for some employees. If some drivers have cell phones and others do not, management will be forced to provide all drivers with business cell phones. This is not practical and would cost a lot more than two-way radio installation. As two way radio communication is the more practical and productive option for communication in fleets, it is hardly questionable as to which is the better choice for your business. Two-way radio installation can only help your business.

If you are interested in two-way radio installation for your fleets, give us a call today. Here at Orbital installs, it is our main purpose to make sure your business is changed for the better post installation. We want your fleets running smoothly, and we believe effective and cost efficient communication is one of the corner stones to a smoothly run fleet and business. Not many companies provide the services we do, and we are the number one trusted business to provide two-way radio installation for your fleets. Call us today for more information—you will not be sorry.