Orbital helping fleets get modernized with innovative tire pressure monitoring systems installation. Today, we are surrounded by technological advancements—not just in tire pressure systems. It is in everything we do. Tires that once used to be completely inanimate now have the ability to communicate with us through TPMS sensors. Here at Orbital, we install some of the latest advancements in technology into fleet equipment. This is why we offer our innovative tire pressure monitoring systems installation to businesses around the country.

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you know that maintenance is a pain. You have to worry about the status of not one, but many vehicles at once. If there is a failure on the job, you will see the results of this in the form of accidents and breakdowns. This especially comes into play when considering tire pressure of trucks. If the tire pressure on a truck is too low going on a long haul, the potential for disaster is possible. However, as any truck driver knows, it is taxing to have to walk around to each vehicle, checking the tire pressure and other mechanics of the truck before and after every single trip. This is where you can benefit from our tire pressure monitoring systems installation.


Where Are Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensors Located?

With this tire pressure monitoring systems installation, information about the status of your fleet’s tire pressure will be collected by a tire pressure sensor on the vehicle. The sensors will alert you immediately if it senses any high pressure issues, low pressure issues, fast leakage, or dangerous temperatures over one hundred seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. With these real time message alerts, you will be able to check on the tire pressure without assessing each and every vehicle physically. This helps save time and money as you will not be wasting valuable time having each and every vehicle assessed before each departure and after every arrival. It will also save money by way of avoiding blowouts and accidents. In a large truck or similar sized vehicle, drivers are not always able to sense that something is wrong. These sensors send real time alerts of dangerous pressure and temperature, so if the tires are reaching a dangerous temperature, pressure, or leakage speed, drivers will be alerted of this and will be able to stop and fix the problem before it becomes too dangerous on the road. This ultimately results in fewer accidents, which can save a lot of money in the long run.

If you are looking to upgrade your fleet to the latest tire pressure monitoring system technology, you have come to the right place. Orbital performs nationwide tire pressure monitoring systems installation so that your fleet will become safer and more efficient. Give us a call for more information.

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