Orbital Installation Technologies now offers RFID tracking system installation and asset tracking system installation. RFID tracking services and asset tracking services make managing fleets easier. This asset management software allows fleet managers to not only track their vehicles, but verify which driver is driving the vehicle and where that driver is going. RFID asset tracking even allows fleet managers to track how long their drivers have been driving, which allows fleet managers to keep tabs on hours and which drivers need to stop for a rest.

For a brief explanation, RFID stands for radio frequency identification. RFID readers, RFID card, RFID chips, and RFID tags are all utilized in this RFID technology. Buyers have the choice of purchasing an active device or a passive device. The difference between these two types of devices is that while an active device is more expensive than a passive device, it also has a longer range. Whichever device you choose to purchase, we’ll gladly perform your RFID tracking system installation and asset tracking system installation.

The main benefits of this technology are its ability to retrieve, store, and analyze data that is pulled from vehicles in your fleet. Human assets are also trackable, which is a major benefit to asset tracking installation. Having Orbital Installs perform this RFID tracking system installation service and asset tracking system installation service, you will be able to keep tabs on who is driving your vehicles at all times.


What is RFID Asset Tracking System and How Does It Work?

RFID readers and cards are used to keep track of driver identification. This is most valuable in situations where passengers are being transported in groups, like taking students on a field trip for example. Students are given cards to swipe as they enter and exit the bus. This information is transferred to a database that shows which children are accounted for and which children are not accounted for. The same logic would also be applicable when considering employees on a trip, or any travelling done by bus wherein passengers have to be kept track of.

This also helps managers keep track of who are behind the wheel of their vehicles, as drivers can be asked to swipe their card when they enter and exit the vehicle.

Overall, RFID tracking system installation and asset tracking system installation can only benefit your company. It has the potential to make things run more smoothly if utilized properly. If you are interested in having this installation made, give us a call. At Orbital, our goal to help bring your company to its fullest potential, which is why offer professional RFID tracking system installation and asset tracking system installation services.

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