Electronic Logging Device Installation

What to know about your ELD deployment. Deploying your ELD program can be difficult at first as it often asks drivers to perform their jobs differently than in the past. This can often result in mileage and monetary loss, as systems will be disrupted and drivers will not know how to accommodate these changes. If you fear that this will happen to you, help is on the way.

One way to navigate this change without letting it harm your business is to go ahead and begin enforcing the rules before penalty is involved. If your company has not strictly enforced hours of service compliance in the past, you should definitely provide a refresher course in regards to the regulations. Before ELD Deployment actually occurs, begin to check the driving logs for accuracy. Also, bring up violations now when you notice them, that way drivers will be alerted of what behavior is and is not acceptable before ELD deployment occurs. Most manufacturers of electronic logging devices will offer thirty day trials which, if taken advantage of, will allow your company to get the feeling of how things are going to operate after the big switch.

ELD Deployment - HOS system Installation

Why Fleets Should Install Electronic Logging Devices

If you are interested in a partner when it comes to ELD deployment, you have come to the right place. Orbital Installation Technology is here to help you through the process, step by step. We understand that for many, it will be difficult to make the switch, but it is necessary. First of all, it will soon be illegal not to make this switch. Second of all, you should think about all the ways it will actually benefit your company.

The increase in safety will decrease risk of accidents, which will save you money. Groggy driving is dangerous driving. When drivers are sleep deprived, they do not drive as carefully as they do otherwise. Not only do they run the risk of having an accident, they also fail to adhere to rules that keep fuel costs down. Well rested drivers use less fuel and therefore save the company money. This is not even going into the amount of money the company saves if just less accident occurs during the year.

Overall, electronic logging devices are going to be a positive change to the industry. Orbital can help you get compliant and ready for the change of the ELD Deployment. Call us today for more information.

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