Orbital offers Auxiliary power inverter installation services throughout the country. With fast and reliable technicians at hand, you can schedule our services and have your fleet updated within a week. Installing auxiliary power to your vehicles helps with overall efficiency by allowing more options for electric powered equipment to be utilized. We not only specialize on installing heavy duty inverters, but we also install solar panels which help power the truck’s APU, thus minimizing the truck’s idle time.

An auxiliary power unit– APU for short– is a device installed in fleets of vehicles that fuels the hotel-like functions of sleeper cabs. APUs consist of a generator that provides air conditioning, heat, and power to the driver of the vehicle. The most notable aspect of auxiliary power units is that their performance does not require the engine to idle.

Auxiliary Power Inverter Installation Services

Can Fleets Install an Auxiliary Power Inverter?

You may be aware of the laws restricting idling, but that is not the only reason you need auxiliary power inverter installation services for your fleets. Trucks with long idle hours are more likely to break down due to engine wear. Auxiliary power units reduce the need to idle, which prolongs your truck engines. Orbital can install inverters and solar panels into your trucks so that you can increase the overall lifespan of your fleet.

Another benefit to auxiliary power inverter installation is its ability to save fuel. An APU equipped vehicle uses about one tenth of the fuel that an idling engine uses. This money saved on fuel adds up overtime, making auxiliary power inverter installation a worthy investment. It is difficult to comply with emissions requirements without losing money and business, but fleets that have auxiliary power units installed in their vehicles have found that this is possible, mostly due to the money saved on fuel. Here at Orbital Installation Technologies, we offer auxiliary power inverter installation as one of our many services. Whether you are looking to install new auxiliary power inverters or to install upgrades for your current ones, Orbital is the company to get the job done. If you are interested in our auxiliary power inverter installation services, give us a call now for more information.

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