Most people have heard the term ‘RFID’ before, but how many actually know what it means? Radio-Frequency Identification was a revolutionary innovation for logistics and retail industries by allowing companies to stay on top of their physical assets at all times. Through the wonders of RFID Tracking, a logistics manager can track assets across a busy factory floor without any difficulty.

While modern tracking technology is overly reliant on satellite data and Wi-Fi access, RFIDs are designed to function with minimal assistance from external sources. The RFID is able to emit radio signals, and the frequencies will then be detected by a receiver, and this entire process can occur in a matter of indiscernible milliseconds.

It’s worth noting that there is a difference between Passive RFID Tags and Active RFID Tags. While a passive RFID Tag doesn’t emit its own power and instead receives power from an antenna, an Active RFID Tag is built with its own battery. These differences make it so that companies can choose between the two types (or both) depending on their respective needs. The differences between Passive RFID Tags and Active RFID Tags can be further explained by one of our dedicated specialists at Orbital Installation Technologies.

Now that you know more about the power and convenience of RFID tracking, the next question is – how can RFID Tracking make my life better?

The Uses of RFID Tracking

Whether your business is small, midsized, or a multinational corporation, there are about a hundred little things happening simultaneously at any given time. One of the best uses for RFID Tracking is it further decreases the chance of human error. Instead of relying on one’s own memory to recall whether or not an item has been taken from inventory, a quick check on your chosen device can immediately notify you of its status via the RFID Tag.

In other cases, there could be multiple shipments and deliveries on certain days, making it incredibly confusing if there isn’t a system specifically designed to keep everything in order. RFID Tracking is the perfect system in these chaotic situations, and it makes the day-to-day tasks of the logistics sector significantly easier and more efficient.

Another great use for RFID tags and tracking is locating any lost items. It can be easy to overlook where an asset has been placed in a busy warehouse, but by checking the RFID tag, it can easily be located and returned to its designated position.

The uses of RFID tracking are essentially only limited by your needs and your imagination, but they can also be limited by a lack of expertise. The average person doesn’t really understand how RFID Tracking works, much less how they are installed. This is why scheduling a consultation with the experts at Orbital Installation Technologies will unlock the full potential of this technology and alleviate a significant amount of stress and inconvenience you might experience if you decide to install everything without the proper knowledge.