3G Network Sunsets in 2022

After a few years of rumors, innuendo, and fluctuating deadlines, it now appears certain that the major cellular carriers in the U.S. will finally be shutting down their 3G network operations in 2022. While specific shutdown dates vary for each carrier, one thing is sure – 2022 is fast approaching. Once the 3G networks are shut down for good, 3G-powered devices will become obsolete, and all that on-board technology that fleets have been relying on to run their daily business, will become unusable.

It’s critical for fleet technology suppliers and fleet customers alike to have a definitive migration plan in place to 4G- or 5G- broadband cellular network capable devices to avoid disruptions to daily fleet operations. In the most basic terms, 4G and 5G networks provider higher data speeds and capacity, lower latency, backwards compatibility, enhanced security, improved service quality levels, and are more efficient for the cellular networks carriers to operate.

Fleet technology solutions providers and some cellular network operators have been working with their fleet customers to implement an upgrade plan away from 3G, that aligns with their customers’ specific technology requirements, budgets, and business operations. While migration rollouts and upgrades have been going on for over a year, there are still millions of 3G devices operating in the field.

A key component to a successful 3G migration plan of any size, is the installation process. Fleet technology suppliers and fleet operators should look for a reliable installation partner that can provide a full range of services from centralized scheduling, dedicated project support, experienced installation technicians and field supervision, post- installation services and maintenance, logistics services, and real-time access to job status. For over 15 years, fleet technology suppliers and fleet operators have been turning to Orbital Installation Technologies for projects of all sizes. Trust Orbital to manage your system upgrade projects. With over 60 regional dispatch locations across the U.S., an experienced team of mobile installation technicians and field supervisors, and equipment logistics support, Orbital is well-positioned to provide a superior level of service where and when you need it. Contact us to learn more.