Expert Nationwide Mobile Fleet Installation Services

Welcome to Orbital Installation Technologies. We are a nationwide, trusted provider of mobile installation services.  We are proud to be the go-to installation service provider to many of the leading telematics and fleet technology suppliers from North America and beyond.  Established in 2006 and focused on fleet installations for the past 12 years, Orbital Installation Technologies has serviced over one million fleet vehicles and assets to date. With Coast-to-Coast coverage, we provide installation and maintenance service for local fleets to the largest fleets in the United States. Look to Orbital Installation Technologies as an installation support partner for GPS and Fleet Tracking Systems, In-Vehicle Camera and Video Surveillance Systems, Driver Behavior Monitoring Solutions, ELD and Compliance, Trailer and Container Tracking Systems, In-Vehicle Mounts, Two-Way Radios, Transit Fare and APC Systems, In-Vehicle Networks, Mobile Routers and On-Board Wi-Fi,  Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, and many other current and emerging fleet technology solutions.

AVL/GPS Tracking Systems Installation

Knowing the location and status of fleet vehicles and assets is a top priority for fleet operators. AVL (automatic vehicle location) tracking, is a GPS-based tracking system that provides complete fleet visibility to keep fleet managers in the know and to quickly respond to changing conditions in the field. Orbital has over a decade of experience in the installation of tracking systems that help fleets safely and productively manage their vehicles and employees.

When companies install AVL/GPS tracking systems they can expect to know where their vehicles are in real-time, record proof of arrival and departure times and locations, predict and report estimated times of arrival, be alerted to unauthorized vehicle usage, off-route miles, and even stolen vehicles. Installation of vehicle tracking systems is just one of the many ways Orbital helps fleets stay on the road and in business.

GPS Fleet Tracking System Implementation and Installation

Fleet Tracking Systems Installation

Knowing the location and status of your company vehicles is critical to the bottom line. Estimating arrival time, monitoring unauthorized fuel purchases, detecting out-of-route vehicles and off-hour vehicle usage, or minimizing idle time, can help maximize fleet efficiency and drive cost savings. Professional installation of GPS fleet tracking systems will reduce fleet downtime and get vehicles back on the road and back in business. From local business to nationwide enterprise fleets, Orbital is a leader in GPS fleet tracking systems installation.

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Electronic Logging Devices

ELD Mandate Compliance

The initial ELD compliance officers deadline has come and gone and there has been a major shift and period of adjustment for drivers, fleet operators, and compliance. The ELD mandate no longer allowed drivers to use paper logbooks to track hours-of-service and required the installation of an ELD (electronic logging device) or an AOBRD (or automatic on-board recording device) prior to the deadline.  Now, as of December 16, 2019, all AOBRDs will need to be upgraded to ELD capability. Orbital Installation Technologies helped equip tens of thousands of fleet vehicles with compliant systems to meet the last mandate deadline and is ready and equipped to support the next wave of deployments.

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In-Vehicle Networks

In-Vehicle Networking Installation

In-vehicle networks provide vital connectivity for fleets of all kinds including trucking, delivery, and public safety. In-vehicle networks enable communication between onboard telematics, monitoring, and GPS systems, enable passenger Wi-Fi and automatic passenger counting (APC) systems on public transit vehicles, help mobile workers from truck drivers to field service technicians create onboard mobile offices, and keep critical in-vehicle applications running in the event of any system failures.

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Trailer GPS Tracking and Cargo Security Installations

Installation of tracking systems for trailer and shipping containers provides real-time visibility into the location and status of mobile assets and cargo. Trailer tracking systems use either satellite or cellular technology and cargo sensors to transmit position, to determine if the trailer door is open or closed, if the trailer is loaded or empty, and to monitor temperature, among other conditions. Data analytics provide important insights to help fleets better monitor and control remote assets. Orbital is experienced in the precise placement and configuration of hardware and sensors so that systems are operating at maximum accuracy and efficiency.

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