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Fleet Tracking Systems Knowledge Base

Fleet Tracking Systems Knowledge Base

Welcome to the OrbitalInstalls.Com blog. Today’s technology affords us to manage and track all of our fleet assets from a smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world. Orbital Installation specializes in the implementation of fleet and small business technology services that range from Driver Behavior Management Systems installation to Container Tracking Systems installation in more than sixty five markets. That said, we find that very few of our clients grasp the entire concept of these systems’ capability. Therefore, we have started this blog to address some of the most common questions. Things like RFID Tracking Systems as well as every in regards to In-Vehicle Mounts and Cradles Installation to Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) installation.

What is RFID mainly used for?

. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a form of technology that enables the use of electromagnetic fields for the purpose of identifying and tracking objects. It is mainly [...]

What is RFID Tracking?

. Most people have heard the term ‘RFID’ before, but how many actually know what it means? Radio-Frequency Identification was a revolutionary innovation for logistics and retail [...]

What Devices Use RFID?

Most people today are aware of GPS and its uses, but many people are unaware that their daily life is most likely more dependent on RFID [...]